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Maintain Anonymity

Simply connecting to the internet and accessing information on a site does not give them a right to get your personal information.

Use our software to make sure that you are fully protected and anonymous during your online activities.

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Security While Traveling

Now you can connect to our VPN when you are on the go - at a local coffee shop or halfway around the world.

You can even connect to your favorite streaming services in other countries.

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Worldwide Service

As we have sixteen servers around the planet, our service is a global phenomenon that you can enjoy.

It is designed so that you can get access to all the speed and security that you need, regardless of where you live. Now you can be private, secure, and able to unlock sites in every continent.

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Use The Best Encryption Around

VPNStrike takes advantage of a new type of encryption technology. Now you are able to access two layers of digital protection for your device and data.

Unbelievable Performance

Our servers are designed to deliver the best performance of any VPN, delivering a flawless streaming experience.

Each plan is effortless to set up

Install the VPN client on every device with no hitches.

We never log your information

There are no logs at our company. We have a strict policy against the recording of any online activity.

Turn It Off

Say there is some type of disruption to your VPN service. The client will detect such a disruption and automatically turn off internet to that device. It ensures you are never leaking your IP address or other sensitive information.

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